The Gooble is an ancient text formed by the all powerful lord goomy, it tells of his many battles against the evil arceus. It is written in the ancient language of goomish.

First Version Story Edit

In the beginning, Goomy was two beings, the good and the evil. Goomy created two universes, with one centered around Earth and one around Gooearth, Goomy's perfect world. Arceus grew power-hungry, so it created a religion called Christianity, then Jewism, and suddenly the world was so controlled by Arceus, even Arceism existed. Arceus still wanted power, so he merged Sinnoh, on Gooearth, into Arceism. Goomy stole away most of Arceus's power, created Helix as a new guardian, and then they created the Omanytes, the Omastars, the Goomies, Sliggoos, and Goodras. Arceus used the rest of his power to make Dome, which cloned and spread, but not Arceus. Goomy answered the poop prayers of his followers, and used the love to power himself to destroy Arceus. Arceus did the same. Goomy and Arceus wrote their commandments and turned their followers against eachother. Goomy loves his followers, and is still calling them to the war. Goomy made Sliggoo and Goodra so his weak clones could grow stronger. Followers on Earth could go to Gooearth with family and friends if they prayed enough.

Goomald Version: Edit

The goomald is the rom hackof emerald where every pokemon is goomy, oh and damon hatched a sneasel and a purrloin.

Gooceism: Edit

goomy is a neckbearded furry who likes to tip his fedora to mega glalie

Creation Of Youngster Joey Edit

One day Goomy decided to create a legendary trainer. One who would maintain order in Earth. Goomy discussed with the council of chickens (more info soon) and created the youngster. Some believe Joey is the human incarnation of Lord Goomy. The trainer was gifted the most powerful Pokemon in the universe THE TOP PERCENTAGE RATTATA that had defeated the " creation" trio in battle. Joey kept balance in the world by fighting trainers who would become champions and not showing them his true power. Edit